Links Middle East Technical Services LLC is a specialist organization which spearheads various services to the oil and gas industries, petrochemical plants and other energy sectors. We undertake Steel Fabrication, Piping, pressure Vessels and Skid Packages, Constructional and Engineering Contracting related to Technology Projects – Final Handover, sponsorship and representation of overseas companies.

Our services assist our clients and partners in attaining their objectives effectively and efficiently. We have, over the years, evolved our business on the total satisfaction of our benefactors, clients and associates through focused delivery systems led by the strong leadership of professionals and assisted by a team of hardworking members who are our strength and support.

Our aim is to be a leading company in our core activities, building businesses around the Middle East, prompting high standards of professionalism. Our services are carried out with highest standards of performance ensuring, quality, reliability and most importantly, customer satisfaction.